My Last Day and Some Semblance of a Plan


Last day at work, ready to get it over with.  Can’t wait to release it.  I need to let this go, let this year go.  I am anxious to do a number of things truly to right my compass.  I feel as though my compass has been broken for a time.  Its time to get it back on track.  Here is my list of things I am going to do this week/month, in no particular order:

  • Sign up for RE classes
  • Arrange Hawaii trip
  • Sign up for yoga classes
  • Get help setting up a blog
  • Arrange a sister’s weekend with Shelley and Cheryl
  • Go back to church
  • Write everyday
  • Reach out to friends, develop new ones
  • Honor my family
  • Study meditation and mindfulness
  • Take care of myself physically and mentally
  • Plan things to do this summer with Bob and the girls

Now, six weeks later, I look back on this list to gauge where I am.  Let’s just say, in the past I haven’t been well known for completing my to-do lists.  In all fairness, over the past year I haven’t had time to even make a list, let alone check things off of it. But I am very proud to say, I have done every one of the items on this list.  I am going to sit back and revel in that a bit ~  Good job me!

In an effort to be mindful and not just busy, I want to consider how this feels.

  • I can sleep through the night
  • I am happy to wake up (for the first time in a year)
  • I have energy and purpose
  • I don’t know what is going to happen next but I am not scared, I am hopeful.  I have taken as much control as I have in me and I graciously give the rest to God.

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