Building some adventure muscles in Maui


When Bob first showed me this picture of Molokini, explaining that it was a crater off of Maui and that people snorkel there, in the crater, I thought, “Wow, that’s cool”.  But then he said we were going to go in the crater to snorkel, “Wait, what??”.  I hadn’t realized what a great big chicken ass I had become.  Too many years of all work, no play had taken their toll.  Bob has spent the last 40 years in the ocean surfing.  He has a high level of comfort in the water.  The ocean is his temple.  Me…not so much.  The thing is, I realize my adventure muscles are weak.  This is definitely one of the things I need to turnaround.  I knew I would have to work up to it.  We got a little snorkeling in each day and by the time we set out on our trip with Molokini Wild Side Eco-Adventure, I was ready!  Or at least I was fairly certain I would not hyperventilate…progress!

So what if I carefully climbed down the stairs on the back of the boat, while the kids leapt off of the front, whatever, still great adventure in my book!


If you are ever going to go to Molokini, please consider this particular boat/tour.  They only take +/-30 people at a time.  All the other boats take more than 100 and there can be multiple boats in this spot at the same time…no fun snorkeling with hundreds of people.  Smaller boat allows them to be more agile and able to change plans for the day based on conditions.  And as a bonus, part of the fees go to fund the Pacific Whale Foundation.

Our trip to Molokini ended up being the highlight of our trip for our whole family.  Hoping you get the chance to take a great adventure soon, one that plasters a great big smile on your face!

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