Sharing the Bounty

One of the very best things about gardening for me is to share what we grew.  Our neighbors and friends are probably sick of tomatoes, squash and peppers by now but we love the exchange of produce and eggs that goes on along our street.  Yesterday one of my neighbors brought a couple jars of her grape jelly.  She has dubbed it Carmelita Crush after the street we share.  The Temecula Valley is known for it’s wineries and grapes love our weather here.  Can’t wait to make some biscuits!



How come there is always at least one gigantic okra and zucchini in the beds?  I check this stuff everyday and everyday there is some enormous vegetable that I did not notice the day prior.


Our chocolate bell peppers are just now coming in.  They were last year’s favorites.  This year’s favorite in mild peppers is this little gem above, the paradicsom alaku sarga szentes pepper, one of the very best Hungarian peppers you will ever have.  It is a very rare variety that was collected in farmers markets in Matrafured, Hungary and later developed in Szentes, Hungary.

We get most all our seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  Their catalog alone is a great read, providing a ton of information about food from all over the world.  Check them out,

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