Myrtle Creek Gardens and Nursery – In search of Garden Magic

I am always in search of destination type nurseries,  gardens where you could easily while away a few hours, lost in the beauty and bounty of nature.  Some of my favorites are actually in Texas…the Wildseed Farm in Fredericksburg, Tx and the Antique Rose Emporium in San Antonio.  I literally want to move into the Antique Rose Emporium, it makes me that happy.  I am currently embarked on my search for  new favorites in California.  A few weeks ago I came upon just such a place; Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens and Nursery in nearby Fallbrook, Ca.

Historic Landmark Barn
Historic Landmark Barn – Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens and Nursery

The property is situated on land that was at one time the original town of Fallbrook.  It was purchased approximately 40 years ago by the Sherman family.  Over the years it has been run as a small family nursery.  The oldest son took over the operation a couple years ago and brought in a team to help him turn Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens and Nursery into a destination location for visitors longing for gardening magic and throw back nostalgia.  According to Kent Harvey, Executive Director of Myrtle Creek, the intention is to build on the feeling that you get when you come through the front gates, to take what is inherently magical and here in this place and build upon it.  Every decision about what to do next is predicated on maintaining that feeling.

Wagon Wheel - Myrtle Creek

As you drive into the property you will see a beautiful red barn in the back.  It is the oldest structure on the property, built in 1898.  There is a small room built inside the barn that served as shelter for the original settlers of the land, allowing them to stay close to their livestock.  Those settlers used a combination of linseed oil and rust from old farm equipment in order to treat and stain the wood, giving it it’s rustic red color.  The barn is currently home to three rescue goats that kids love to feed.  An ethereal mural has been painted on the front of the barn, setting the tone for what you are about to experience.

Once inside the gardens visitors will find the original farmhouse converted to a beautiful country style store, full of specialized bath products, jams and jellies, candles, handmade jewelry, decorative accents and garden themed products.  They have a great selection of early farmhouse lighting.  The front yard of the farmhouse is full of fun statues, bicycles and decorative accessories for the garden.

Featuring large selection of California native plants
They have a great selection of statuary throughout the property.
Vertical pallet gardening

Visitors can take a break and enjoy lunch outside on the deck at Cafe Bloom.  Cafe Bloom features all organic offerings.  The menu changes daily based on available offerings in the area.

Cafe Bloom Menu

You cannot leave until you taste their Myrtle Berry pie.  It is a mixed berry treat you can eat by the slice or take one home whole.  I chose to take one home whole.  I believe I sold two in the parking lot to strangers as I was leaving, they are so beautifully done.  I am a homemade pie snob and this one is definitely worthy!

Myrtle Berry Pie
World famous Myrtle Berry Pie

They offer a variety of classes, tours and events throughout the year.  They have a great selection of fairy garden items and families are welcome to come and build there own.  There is an amazing spot under the old oak trees, with a large family style table set up; a perfect place to hold a baby shower or birthday party event with your girlfriends.

Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens
Beautiful bird sanctuary nestled in the oak trees
Fairy Garden 101 - Myrtle Creek
Fairy Garden building station
Fairy Garden - Myrtle Creek
Make your own one of a kind fairy garden

If you are lucky you will spot a gentleman with a big, white beard by the name of Kim hard at work there.  He is the in-house historian of the area and docent of the property.  He has a wealth of information about the area and loves to answer questions.

This is my kind of place…a place that keeps you wanting to wander and explore.  It is a hidden gem that I hope you love as much as I did!  There are open 9-5, seven days a week.  You can get more information about them at their website,  Feel free to let them know how amazing their place is @myrtlecreeknurs.  Please comment and let me know your favorite garden spot!

Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens

Amazing succulent baskets hanging from the oak tree


Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens
A floating bed under a teepee for the yard?! Yes please.
Basket full of succulents
Treasures found on the front lawn of the farmhouse
Front yard of farm house
More treasures out front
A teepee of vines with a bench underneath to escape to.
Old school sheep herder’s trailer
Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens
I must always have a chicken in the yard
And flowers of course, black eyed Susan vines.
So love the color…
Lots of strategically placed seating options

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