Before I Die…

Last year I heard a great Ted talk by Candy Chang about her Before I Die project.  I loved her premise of wanting to create thought provoking art that makes us want to rethink how we go out into the world each day.IMG_0747

I was very excited when I was randomly driving through Louisville, Ky and spotted this wall.  I made the people I was with stop immediately and add some thoughts to the wall.  When you stand there, it can be overwhelming all the possibilities you could put up there.  You can be serious, silly, naughty, reflective.  This one didn’t have too much on it.  If you look closely someone wrote skinny dip…seriously?!  Thats what you’re waiting to do?!  Knock that out sister, there is so much more out there to embark on!  The one thing I found in putting it on that wall, I now am intentionally committed to making that thing happen in my life.  I wrote it down, put it out in the universe.  Intentional.  For me, before I die, I want my children to know the depth of my love for them.

Have you ever seen or written on one of these walls?  Would love to see your picture!

2 thoughts on “Before I Die…

  1. Never saw or wrote on a wall like this…but I seriously encourage anything that increases intentionality. You’re so right about the fact that writing something down makes it more tangible than just thinking about it.


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