31 Days of Romance – Day 5

We have covered the following steps so far in your efforts to attract more romance into your life:

  • Talk to you partner about what romance means to you both
  • Understand who you are and how you feel about yourself at this point in time, why do you want/need romance in your life right now?
  • Understand who your partner truly is
  • Put a plan into place that you agree upon and can look forward to

People…thats all their is to it.  Treat each of those four bullet points with gentle sweetness.  Be intentional in your actions.  Thats it.  Are you disappointed there aren’t 31 detailed steps to get you there?  Reality is this is all you need.  It simple!  Don’t overthink it!

fall leaves

I did want to share something with you though.  The constant theme I heard from almost every woman I spoke with; romance is found in the simple things.  My dear friend Pat, in the 60 something realm, had these thoughts on the topic:

“I know I have changed, for in my youth my thoughts of romance were very typical in that I thought if he bought me flowers for my birthday it was romantic. It’s nice and I would always be thankful, but now I think that is easy or typical. Plus its only once a year!

Through Facebook or reading about successful couples (long lasting relationships), what I see and like are those couples who truly care for each other and show it in small ways everyday. It’s simple things.  I saw one couple where the gentleman had dinner waiting for his lady when she got home at 10PM after she worked a 12-hour shift.  He made her a dinner from scratch!  This guy is a plumber, no chef.  So sweet and just shows how much he cares. In turn I’ve seen her, pack a lunch and had his coffee ready when he had to go to work at 5:00 in morning.

I think its romantic when that person just wants to make your day better in some small way. They are truly listening and and it brings them true joy to ensure your happiness, as you do for them.

Have I experienced this, sadly no. I have not dated at all since being divorced, I guess I just really wanted the time for ME.  Plus I really wanted to figure out what I wanted and not make the same mistakes.

Sometimes I think about sharing my life again with someone, however if I do I will not settle just to have a companion.  I know I will want that simple romance.”

Did you all hear what she said there?  Oprah would call this a tweetable moment, #willnotsettle!

She has intuitively followed the steps outlined above.  If a partner does come along, she knows who she is, she knows what she needs in order to be happy and will not settle for the sake of companionship!  Such a powerful place to be.

I have to say, not settling doesn’t apply just to romantic partners, but people in general in our lives.  With age comes the wisdom to know the difference between the ones that fill us up and the ones we can do without.

Thanks for the wisdom Miss Pat!

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