31 Days of Romance – Day 6

As I have written these posts my own husband has been out of town on a fishing boat somewhere in Mexico.  He came home night before last, exhausted, happy and still swaying back and forth with the motion of the boat he was no longer on.

flower - day 6

He read through all that I posted and was pleasantly surprised about my topic.  Having written about romance all week, I am ready to get this show on the road, work out our plan!  So we have dinner, he drinks a beer and immediately passes out not he couch.  I drag him off to bed finally and of course, he snores all night.  He is not usually a snorer, but exhaustion has overtaken him.

Next day, he pulls out his clothes and gear from the week; a pile of fishy, sweaty, bloody clothes piled high in my bedroom floor, a sure sign of his fishing mastery!  And before you know it, my week of quiet contemplation on romantic sweetness is caught up in the whirlwind that is my husband and family life.

Reality often has a way of hijacking our romantic notions.  My husband is an awesome guy in so many ways, and so infuriating in others.  I’m sure he would have the same kind of thing to say about me.  But then, that is human nature…we are all human with our own funkiness that can spoil even the best of romantic intentions.

So how do we navigate without getting frustrated with one another and spoiling the mood?  Romance is a simple sweetness, nothing more, nothing less.  Yes, there can be more in terms of lusty amazingness as an end result, but I am leaving that up to ya’ll.  I am talking at a core level, the simple sweetness has to be there.  If you and your partner are able to demonstrate simple sweetness on a regular basis, it has a side effect of giving you both the grace needed to be human and still accepted. #relationshipgoals

I find that any relationship you are struggling with, a dose of simple kindness can do wonders.  Could be with other family members, friends, coworkers.  It may seem counterintuitive in some cases, because Lord only knows they may not deserve it, but often times it is the gesture that breaks down a wall that needed to go, to allow progress to be made.

Are you showing kindness to yourself, to your partner, to people you come across throughout your day?  So much to think about before we even get a date night out of this deal!  Being able to combine reality and romance is the best though.  That is where connection and commitment take root, setting the stage for amazing things down the road.

So take a look at yourself…you know what you need to do today.

“Life doesn’t get better by chance,

it gets better by change.”  Jim Rohn

My very happy yahoo with a wahoo on the right.
My very happy yahoo with a wahoo on the right.

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