31 Days of Romance – Day 8

What if you aren’t what one might call traditional?  Even the word “romance” makes you want to gag.  Well if you have read to this point, you have learned that romance is not bells and whistles, but instead, at it’s core, simple and sweet kindness.  Doesn’t matter your style, we all will be happy to accept sweet kindness!

white daisies

I worked with a woman named Karen.  She is super tall and fair skinned, lovely like my daughter Emma.  Beautiful short red hair usually styled in a very angular, modern, totally cool way.   Smart.  Talented.  Quirky.  Dry wit.  She has serious indie rock tendencies, mixed with sick knitting skills and is the queen of all French bull dogs.

Here is her take on this whole romance deal:

“OK, so I have never been that girl dreaming of a fairytale complete with a Prince Charming. I’ll take a good old B horror flick over a romantic movie any day!

The Notebook?  Never saw it.  The traditional romantic vices such as flowers, chocolates, etc. never impressed me.  This is probably 95% the reason I have received so many dogs for Birthday gifts.

So now that’s out of the way, romance?  Finding that person that gets you.  Hanging out with them, even if it’s just watching a favorite TV show, or sitting on the porch watching the super blood moon! Someone who laughs at your stupid jokes and will grab you a bucket to throw up in when you’re sick.

Someone who has your back whether it’s to help clean the house before family arrives or protect you in a Zombie Apocalypse.

But maybe there has been that fairy tale romance along the way…Unexpected trips to Paris, him ending his golf game early to take me antiquing in Giddings. I did not wear a tiara, there was no white horse, just us enjoying each others company along this journey, together.”

So an unexpected trip to Paris…thats pretty high on the romance scale.  Big points for him pulling that off.

What really gets me though is his cutting his golf game short.  The man is a possessed golf fanatic.  For him to cut one of his passions short in order to take his wife antiquing??  Magic!

So many people I talked to didn’t think romance existed for them.  When you wipe away the Hallmark or “Every kiss begins with Kay” version of what the world tells us romance is, you can see it buried in everyday life if you look close enough, just don’t forget to look!

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