My name is Tracy; mother of three, married for 25 years, caring for my parents and ready for a turnaround.  Turnarounds are by no means specific to 50 year olds, I just happen to be 50.  It can happen anytime that you are finally ready to set boundaries and stand up for what is best for you and your world.

I had reached a point in my life where I simply couldn’t take it anymore. Something in my world had to give.  To me the choices were clear; let it ride like I always had…absorb it, suck it up…or make brave and profound changes in my world.  I literally said at one point, “F___ this, I am 50 years old and I need to turn this around.”

This blog is to share the path I am taking in this quest.  Chances are your turnaround will be 100% different than mine.  How could they not be?  Our lives are different, we are all different people.  The point of me sharing my turnaround story is not so that you will follow my exact path, but so that you will find the encouragement necessary to move towards your own path when your life calls for it.

My goal for this blog is to focus on all the things I didn’t have time for when I worked like a lunatic…Writing, Gardening and Farming, Recipes, Connection, Travel and Romance!

Thank you for joining me in this process!

(Please note that this site contains affiliate links, although all opinions are my own.)

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