Weekly Wins

My Weekly wins are things that I said I wanted to do if only I had the time, that I am actually taking a stab at doing.

  • Took a intense three day writing workshop, called Bestseller in a Weekend.  Awesome experience.  The sheer amount of things that can be done on Amazon for the aspiring writer is unbelievable.  I took the non fiction class, she also has one for fiction writers.
  • Met some neighbors
  • Booked a family vacation to Hawaii before all the kids are gone.
  • Took and passed all classes necessary to get my real estate license.
  • Spent a couple weeks with my dad, planning more time in the coming weeks
  • Planning a girls weekend with my sisters.
  • Helping my daughter get through final weeks before graduation, planning a going away party for her.
  • Doing yoga each day..I worked physically hard over the last year, walking up to 12 miles a day, but limberness is lacking!
  • Taking golf lessons
  • Taking web development classes
  • Passed my real estate test!

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